Opening My Classroom Door

Since beginning my teaching career in the fall of 2007 I have always invited colleagues to visit my classroom, telling them that my door is always open.  I’m hoping that this blog will allow me to open my classroom door to a larger audience to encourage feedback and comments on the teaching and learning that happens within.

My name is Derek Segesdy, I have been teaching physics at the high school level for 7 years, now in my 8th.  I currently teach at Worcester Academy, an independent day and boarding school in Worcester Massachusetts.  I am also the Science Department Chair and work with department members teaching science from grade 6 through senior year.  At Worcester Academy we teach physics as a third year course, preceded by biology (freshman) and chemistry (sophomore).  I have also taught physics first at the Fountain Valley School in Colorado Springs.

Recently I have been inspired by the blog posts of @rutherfordcasey, @fnoschese, and @reilly1041.  I will try to follow suit by sharing some of what we do in our classrooms as well as some general thoughts about teaching and learning at the high school level.


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